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When Inge Is Dancing

Categories: Music, Comedy /
The ambitious punk rocker Max and the eco-activist Inge cannot stand each other, ever since Max publicly exposed her by singing the offensive song "When Inge is Dancing" in front of the whole school. But for Max and his classmates Fabio, Joscha and Lukas this song in particular has become a real hit at school as well as in the regional music scene: Their band called Systemfehler is on the verge of a breakthrough. But just before the important gig, which could get them a record deal, guitarist Josha is injured and can't play. Inge happens to be an excellent guitarist, and the only person who can fill in at such short notice. But when Max asks for her help, she imposes one non-negotiable condition: If she decides to play with the band, they will not perform the song "Wenn Inge tanzt".

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2013-07-10
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Wolfgang Groos
Production Company : Splendid Film
Production Country: Germany


Tim Oliver Schultz
as Max
Paula Kalenberg
as Inge
Peter Kraus
as Onkel Herb
Constantin von Jascheroff
as Joscha
Tino Mewes
as Fabio
Thando Walbaum
as Lukas
Jürgen Tarrach
as Hausmeister Lohmeier
Dagmar von Kurmin
as Hildegard Tietz
Matthias Koeberlin
as Dan Biermann
Anna Keul
as Mala
Béatrice Jean-Philippe
as Frau Stanger
Lilay Huser
as Krankenschwester
Andreas Potulski
as Bestatter
Roswitha Ehlen-Athuman
as Frau Lohmeier
Rainer Ewerrien Writer

Wolfgang Groos Director

David Ungureit Writer
Thomas Winkler Writer

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