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The Crocodiles: All for One

Categories: Action, Family, Adventure, Drama, Comedy /
"The Crocodiles" are celebrating the birthday of Hannes and the beginning of the best summer vacation they have ever had. Although the boys have grown and developed different interests, the band remains united against all odds. During a wild karts race that ends in a terrible accident, Frank is taken to hospital by ambulance. His life is in danger: he needs a transplant from a close relative to save his life. The only possible donor is his brother, Dennis, who was put behind bars by the Crocodiles with their teammate Kevin. Time is running out, but true friends never give up! With the help of Jenny and Hannes' mother , the band surprises us with a bold plan

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2011-01-20
Run time: 81 minute / 1:21
Revenue: $6,226,507
Director: Wolfgang Groos
Writers: Thomas Bahmann, Ralf Hertwig.
Production Companies : Rat Pack Filmproduktion, Westside Filmproduktion GmbH
Production Country: Germany


Nick Romeo Reimann
as Hannes
Nora Tschirner
as Hannes' Mutter
Maria Schrader
as Kais Mutter
Axel Stein
as Kevin
Jacob Matschenz
as Dennis
Fabian Halbig
as Kai
Leonie Tepe
as Maria
Manuel Steitz
as Olli
Ella-Maria Gollmer
as Jenny
Jürgen Rißmann
as Pförtner
Nicolas Schinseck
as Elvis
Benjamin Bara
as Gefängnisinsasse
Javidan Imani
as Jorgo
David Hürten
as Frank
Robin Walter
as Peter
Thomas Kautenburger
as Wärter Kremers
as Kai's Vater
Hans Martin Stier
as Gefängnisdirektor Gerhard Hartmann
Horst Lichter
as himself
Thomas Bahmann Screenplay
Peter Thorwarth Writer

Christian Becker Producer

Bernhard Jasper Director of Photography

Ralf Hertwig Screenplay

Heiko Maile Music

Oliver Nommsen Line Producer
Christian Ditter Co-Producer

Christoph Zirngibl Music

Wolfgang Groos Director

Lena Schömann Producer

Max von der Grün Novel
Simon Hauschild Writer

Christina Christ Executive Producer

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