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Billy Bevan

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Orange, New South Wales, Australia:


The Golden Age of Comedy (1957)
Hans Christian Andersen (1952)
как Town Councilman (uncredited)
Ça, c'est du cinéma (1951)
как (archive footage)
Three Secrets (1950)
как Ed Jackson
Rogues Of Sherwood Forest (1950)
как Will Scarlet
Tell It to the Judge (1949)
как Winston, Kitty's Butler (uncredited)
The Secret Garden (1949)
как Barney
Let's Live a Little (1948)
как Morton
The Black Arrow (1948)
как Dungeon Keeper
The Swordsman (1948)
как Old Andrew
It Had to Be You (1947)
как Evans
Moss Rose (1947)
как Harry (uncredited)
Devotion (1946)
как Mr. Ames
Terror by Night (1946)
как Conductor Taking Tickets
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)
как Malvolio Jones
National Velvet (1945)
как Constable (uncredited)
Tonight and Every Night (1945)
как Cabbie (uncredited)
The Pearl of Death (1944)
как Constable With Food Tray
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944)
как Sergeant
Jane Eyre (1943)
как Bookie (uncredited)
The Return of the Vampire (1943)
как Horace (uncredited)
Forever and a Day (1943)
как Wartime Cabby
London Blackout Murders (1943)
как Air Raid Warden
Happy Times and Jolly Moments (1943)
как (archive footage)
I Married a Witch (1942)
как Puritan Vendor (uncredited)
This Above All (1942)
как Farmer
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942)
как Phillips
Confirm or Deny (1941)
как Mr. Bindle
Suspicion (1941)
как Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
как Mr. Weller
Shining Victory (1941)
как Chivers
Penny Serenade (1941)
как McDougal (uncredited)
Tin Pan Alley (1940)
как Stage Doorman
The Long Voyage Home (1940)
как Joe
Rebecca (1940)
как Policeman (uncredited)
The Invisible Man Returns (1940)
как Jim (uncredited)
The Earl of Chicago (1940)
как Castle Guide
We Are Not Alone (1939)
как Mr. Jones
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939)
как British Sergeant
Captain Fury (1939)
как Duffy
Let Freedom Ring (1939)
как Cockney (uncredited)
A Christmas Carol (1938)
как Street Watch Leader
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938)
как Aquarium Guard
Shadows Over Shanghai (1938)
как Gallicuddy
Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)
как Customs Official
The Young in Heart (1938)
как Kennel Man (uncredited)
Blond Cheat (1938)
как Bartender (Uncredited)
The Girl of the Golden West (1938)
как Nick
Bringing Up Baby (1938)
как Joe (uncredited)
The Wrong Road (1937)
как McLean
The Sheik Steps Out (1937)
как Munson
Another Dawn (1937)
как Pvt. Hawkins
Slave Ship (1937)
как Atkins
Personal Property (1937)
как Frank (uncredited)
God's Country and the Woman (1937)
как Plug Hat
Lloyd's of London (1936)
как Innkeeper
Piccadilly Jim (1936)
как Taxi Driver
Private Number (1936)
как Frederick
Dracula's Daughter (1936)
как Police Constable Albert
Champagne Charlie (1936)
как Mr. Boswick
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
как Cabby (uncredited)
Song and Dance Man (1936)
как Curtis
The Widow from Monte Carlo (1935)
как Officer Watkins
The Last Outpost (1935)
как Private Foster
Black Sheep (1935)
как Alfred
Vanessa: Her Love Story (1935)
как Horse Auctioneer
Mystery Woman (1935)
как Jepson
Caravan (1934)
как Police Sergeant
Limehouse Blues (1934)
как Herb
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934)
как Man in Hotel Room
One More River (1934)
как Cloakroom Attendant
Shock (1934)
как Meadows
Stingaree (1934)
как Mac
The Lost Patrol (1934)
как Hale
Alice in Wonderland (1933)
как Two of Spades (uncredited)
The Way to Love (1933)
как M. Prial
Too Much Harmony (1933)
как Stage Director
Thundering Taxis (1933)
как One of the Taxi Boys
Peg o' My Heart (1933)
как Detective #2 (uncredited)
Uncle Jake (1933)
Looking Forward (1933)
как Mr. Barker
Cavalcade (1933)
как George Grainger
Luxury Liner (1933)
как Schultz
She Whoops To Conquer (1933)
Me and My Gal (1932)
как Ashley (uncredited)
Payment Deferred (1932)
как Charlie Hammond
Honeymoon Beach (1932)
как Billy Bevan
Vanity Fair (1932)
как Joseph Sedley
Sky Devils (1932)
как Colonel
The Silent Witness (1932)
как Horace Ward
Waterloo Bridge (1931)
как Soldier on the Make (uncredited)
Transatlantic (1931)
как Hodgkins
Chances (1931)
как Cuthbert
Born To Love (1931)
как Departing British Soldier
For the Love o' Lil (1930)
как Edward O. Walker
Monte Carlo (1930)
как Train Conductor (uncredited)
Journey's End (1930)
как Trotter
Peacock Alley (1930)
как Walter
The Trespasser (1929)
как Reporter (uncredited)
High Voltage (1929)
как Gus Jones
Riley the Cop (1928)
как Paris Cabman
His Unlucky Night (1928)
как Billy Trotter
The Best Man (1928)
как Best Man
The Beach Club (1928)
The Golf Nut (1927)
как Billy Divott
A Small Town Princess (1927)
как Joe Whiffet
Easy Pickings (1927)
как The Detective
Flirty Four-Flushers (1926)
как Jerry Connors / Archibald De Shyster
Masked Mamas (1926)
Hoboken to Hollywood (1926)
как Billy Judkins
A Sea Dog's Tale (1926)
как Wilbur Watts
Ice Cold Cocos (1926)
как Gus Gander
Fight Night (1926)
как Walter Moore
Wandering Willies (1926)
как Percy Nudge
Circus Today (1926)
как Gus Barnum
Whispering Whiskers (1926)
как The Drifter
Honeymoon Hardships (1925)
как Farmer
Butter Fingers (1925)
как Nick
The Iron Nag (1925)
как Joe Gobb
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (1925)
как Hiram Case
The Lion's Whiskers (1925)
как Otto Klutch
Giddap! (1925)
Galloping Bungalows (1924)
как John Syrup Soother
Three Foolish Weeks (1924)
как King of Anchovia
Lizzies of the Field (1924)
как Nick Pliers
Wall Street Blues (1924)
как The Janitor
The Hollywood Kid (1924)
как Studio Organist
The White Sin (1924)
как Travers Dale
The Extra Girl (1923)
как Comedian
Nip and Tuck (1923)
как Sailor
When Summer Comes (1922)
Gymnasium Jim (1922)
как Jim
On Patrol (1922)
как The Amateur Cop
The Duck Hunter (1922)
Bright Eyes (1921)
как The Nosey Butler
Be Reasonable (1921)
как A Rolling Stone
Love and Doughnuts (1921)
как The Burglar
Astray from the Steerage (1921)
как A steerage passenger
A Small Town Idol (1921)
как Director
The Quack Doctor (1920)
как The Hired Lady's Sweetheart
Cupid In Quarantine (1918)
как The Father
Her Rustic Romeo (1918)
Somebody's Widow (1918)
как Secretary
Gertie's Gasoline Glide (1916)
как The Minister

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