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Charles Hill Mailes

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:


Murder by Television (1935)
как James Houghland
I'll Tell the World (1934)
как Statesman
The Unholy Garden (1931)
как Alfred de Jonghe
Mothers Cry (1930)
как Mary's Father
One Stolen Night (1929)
как Doad
The Bellamy Trial (1929)
как Defense Attorney
The Faker (1929)
The Phantom City (1928)
как Benedict
What a Night! (1928)
как Patterson
Drums of Love (1928)
как Duke de Granada
The City Gone Wild (1927)
как Luther Winthrop
The College Widow (1927)
как Professor Witherspoon
Chasing Choo Choos (1927)
как Silas Scott
Bitter Apples (1927)
как Cyrus Thornden
Old Ironsides (1926)
как Commodore Preble
The Man in the Saddle (1926)
как Jeff Morgan Sr (as Charles Mailes)
The Better Man (1926)
The Combat (1926)
Free to Love (1925)
The Fighting Demon (1925)
The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924)
как Caleb Gale
Thundering Hoofs (1924)
как Don Juan Estrada (as Charles Mailes)
Find Your Man (1924)
как Gregory Mills (as Charles Mailes)
Name the Man (1924)
как Attorney General
Soft Boiled (1923)
как The Lawyer
East Side - West Side (1923)
как Dr. Ernest Shepley
The Home Stretch (1921)
как Mr. Wilson (as Charles Mailes)
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
как Don Carlos Pulido
Three Mounted Men (1918)
как Warden
The Brass Bullet (1918)
Danger Within (1918)
The Magic Eye (1918)
The Fighting Grin (1918)
The Winged Mystery (1917)
The Girl Who Won Out (1917)
Southern Justice (1917)
Polly Redhead (1917)
как Duke of Osterley
The Mysterious Mrs. M (1917)
The People vs. John Doe (1916)
как Detective
The Eagle's Wings (1916)
The Whirlpool of Destiny (1916)
The Seekers (1916)
The Hungarian Nabob (1915)
как Count John Karpathy the 'Nabob'
The Soul of Pierre (1915)
Liberty Belles (1914)
как Justice of the Peace
The Fatal Wedding (1914)
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1913)
как Ranch owner
A Woman in the Ultimate (1913)
как Verda's Stepfather
The Reformers (1913)
как The Father
Olaf-An Atom (1913)
как A Parent
The Wanderer (1913)
как The Father
Fate (1913)
как Sim Sloane
The Unwelcome Guest (1913)
как The Son
The Telephone Girl and the Lady (1913)
The God Within (1912)
как The Doctor
The New York Hat (1912)
A Sailor’s Heart (1912)
как The Notary
The Painted Lady (1912)
как Their Father
A Feud in the Kentucky Hills (1912)
как The Father
So Near, Yet So Far (1912)
как Rich Man in Other Town
Friends (1912)
как The Bartender
A Pueblo Legend (1912)
как The Old Man / A Pueblo
With the Enemy's Help (1912)
как Faro Kate's Husband
The Inner Circle (1912)
как A Gangster
The Narrow Road (1912)
как The Counterfeiter
The Speed Demon (1912)
Man's Genesis (1912)
как Cave Man
The School Teacher and the Waif (1912)
как Nora's Father
Lena and the Geese (1912)
A Temporary Truce (1912)
как Mexican Jim
Home Folks (1912)
как The Young Woman's Father
A Lodging for the Night (1912)
как The Mexican Girl's Father
The Old Actor (1912)
как The Replacement Actor
Fate's Interception (1912)
как The Mexican Sweetheart
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch (1912)
как Blue Grass Pete's Pal
Iola's Promise (1912)
The Sunbeam (1912)
как The Janitor
For His Son (1912)
как The Father, a Physician
The Eternal Mother (1912)
как Mary's Father
Saved from Himself (1911)
как The Proprietor
The Battle (1911)
как The Union commander
The Making of a Man (1911)
как In First Audience / At First Stage Door / Backstage
The Ghost (1911)
как A Policeman
At the Altar (1909)

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