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Harry Woods

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Cleveland, Ohio, USA:


New Orleans After Dark (1958)
как Carl
Savage Fury (1956)
как Borno the Banished
Law of the Badlands (1951)
как Burt Conroy
Short Grass (1950)
как Sam Dreen
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)
как Karl Rynders (uncredited)
Masked Raiders (1949)
как Marshal Barlow
The Fountainhead (1949)
как Quarry Superintendent (uncredited)
Colorado Territory (1949)
как Pluthner
Hellfire (1949)
как Lew Stoner
Indian Agent (1948)
как Carter
The Gallant Legion (1948)
как Lang
Western Heritage (1948)
как Arnold posing as Powell
Tycoon (1947)
как Holden
Road to Rio (1947)
как Ship's Purser
Wild Horse Mesa (1947)
как Jay Olmstead
Wyoming (1947)
как Ben Jackson
Thunder Mountain (1947)
как Trimble Carson
Code of the West (1947)
как Nate Hatfield
Trail Street (1947)
как Larkin
My Darling Clementine (1946)
как Luke (uncredited)
Sunset Pass (1946)
как Cinnabar
South of Monterey (1946)
как Bennet
West of the Pecos (1945)
как Brad Sawtelle
Flame of the West (1945)
как Wisdon (as Harry Lewis Woods)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1945)
как Guerd Eliott
Nevada (1944)
как Joe Powell
Tall in the Saddle (1944)
как George Clews
Silver City Kid (1944)
как Judge Ballard
Call of the Rockies (1944)
как J. B. Murdock
Marshal of Gunsmoke (1944)
как Lon Curtiss
Westward Bound (1944)
как Roger Caldwell
Gun to Gun (1944)
как Land Commissioner Harkness
Outlaws of Stampede Pass (1943)
как Ben Crowley
Beyond the Last Frontier (1943)
как Big Bill Hadley
Bordertown Gun Fighters (1943)
как Dave Strickland
Cheyenne Roundup (1943)
как Blackie Dawson
The Ghost Rider (1943)
как Lash Edwards
Dawn on the Great Divide (1942)
как Jim Corkle - Judge's Brother
West of the Law (1942)
как Jim Rand
Deep in the Heart of Texas (1942)
как Sergeant Idaho
Riders of the West (1942)
как Duke Mason
Jackass Mail (1942)
как Ranch Owner to Hang Baggot
The Spoilers (1942)
как Disgruntled Miner (uncredited)
Down Texas Way (1942)
как Bert Logan
Romance on the Range (1942)
как Henchman Steve (as Harry L. Woods)
Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
как Mace
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
как Bixby - First Train Robber
Today I Hang (1942)
как Henry Courtney
Sheriff of Tombstone (1941)
как Shotgun Cassidy
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941)
как Assessor Mitch Harrigan
Meet the Missus (1940)
как Elmer Shillingford
The Long Voyage Home (1940)
как Amindra First Mate
Triple Justice (1940)
как Al Reeves
The Ranger and the Lady (1940)
как Kincaid
South of Pago Pago (1940)
как Black Mike Rafferty
Winners of the West (1940)
как King Carter
Dark Command (1940)
как Man in Fight with Seton
Bullet Code (1940)
как Cass Barton
Isle Of Destiny (1940)
как Capt. Lawson
Boss of Bullion City (1940)
как Sheriff Jeff Salters
The House of the Seven Gables (1940)
как Mr. Wainwright
West of Carson City (1940)
как Mack Gorman
Days of Jesse James (1939)
как Captain Worthington
Frontier Marshal (1939)
как Curly Bill's Henchman
Beau Geste (1939)
как Renoir
The Man in the Iron Mask (1939)
как First Officer
In Old Caliente (1939)
как Curly Calkins
Union Pacific (1939)
как Al Brett
Blue Montana Skies (1939)
как Jim Hendricks
Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939)
как Grant
Come On, Rangers (1938)
как Morgan Burke
Men with Wings (1938)
как Baker
Panamint's Bad Man (1938)
как Craven
Stagecoach Days (1938)
Joy of Living (1938)
как Cop (Uncredited)
Rolling Caravans (1938)
Hawaiian Buckaroo (1938)
The Spy Ring (1938)
как Capt. Holden
Wells Fargo (1937)
как Timekeeper
Courage of the West (1937)
как Al Wilkins, aka Jed Newman
The Singing Marine (1937)
как First Marine Sergeant (as Harry Wood)
Range Defenders (1937)
как John Harve
Border Cafe (1937)
как Bert
Reckless Ranger (1937)
как Barlowe
Land Beyond the Law (1937)
как Tascosa
The Phantom Rider (1936)
как Harvey Delaney
Ticket to Paradise (1936)
как John Dawson
Human Cargo (1936)
как Ira Conklin
Silly Billies (1936)
как Hank Bewley
Robin Hood of El Dorado (1936)
как Pete
The Lawless Nineties (1936)
как Charles K. Plummer
Rose of the Rancho (1936)
как Bull Bangle
Heir to Trouble (1935)
как 'Honest' John Motley
Lawless Riders (1935)
как Big Bart Grimwald
Gallant Defender (1935)
как Barr Munro
Ship Cafe (1935)
как Donovan (uncredited)
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935)
как Crawford
Call of the Wild (1935)
как Soapy Smith (uncredited)
Let 'em Have It (1935)
как Big Bill
The Call of the Savage (1935)
как Borno
When a Man's a Man (1935)
как Nick Gambert
Rustlers of Red Dog (1935)
как Rocky
Caravan (1934)
как Romeo (Uncredited)
The President Vanishes (1934)
как Kramer
The St. Louis Kid (1934)
как Louie Munn
Belle of the Nineties (1934)
как Slade
The Circus Clown (1934)
как Ajax
School for Girls (1934)
как Detective
Journal of a Crime (1934)
как Detective with Inspector
Hoopla (1933)
как Side Show Troublemaker
Haunted Gold (1932)
как Joe Ryan
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932)
как Prison Guard (uncredited)
Hot Spot (1932)
как Husband
Law and Order (1932)
как Walt Northrup
Texas Gun Fighter (1932)
как Kells
The Range Feud (1931)
как Vandall
Palmy Days (1931)
как Yolando's Henchman
Monkey Business (1931)
как Alky Briggs
In Old Cheyenne (1931)
как Clyde Winslow
West of Cheyenne (1931)
как Kurt Raymer, aka The Laramie Kid
The Desert Rider (1929)
как Williams
The Viking (1928)
как Egil (as Harry Lewis Woods)
The Sunset Legion (1928)
как Honest John
Jesse James (1927)
как Bob Ford
Dynamite Dan (1924)
как Brute Lacy
Wolves of the North (1924)
как Bob Hunter
The Star of Bethlehem (1912)
как Pharisee Scribe

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