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Roger Gentry


Dixie Dynamite (1976)
как Kawasaki Dealer
The Invitation (1975)
как Jerry
Sleazy Rider (1973)
как Sheriff Sam
The Thing with Two Heads (1972)
как Police Sergeant
Hollywood Babylon (1972)
как Big Daddy
Slaves in Cages (1971)
как Rich Client (uncredited)
Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)
как Biker
The Bang Bang Gang (1970)
как Sheriff
Fandango (1970)
как Second Shirtless Miner (as Jim Gentry)
Private Arrangement (1970)
как Lt. Burke
Marsha: The Erotic Housewife (1970)
как George
The Golden Box (1970)
как Slade Rivers
The Tale of the Dean's Wife (1970)
как Calvin
Alice In Acidland (1969)
как Bob Fletcher aka Animal
The Ramrodder (1969)
как Rick Thompson
Invitation to Ruin (1968)
как Jerry Sloane (as Jim Gentry)
Gallery of Horror (1967)
как Bob Farrell / Mob Leader / Dr. Sevard / Jonathan Harker
The Wizard of Mars (1965)
как Steve
The Invitation
The Invitation
The Invitation
Sleazy Rider
Sleazy Rider
The Thing with Two Heads
Production Manager
Invitation to Ruin
Associate Producer

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