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Joe Roberts

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Albany, New York, USA:


The Misfit (1924)
как The Drill Master
Our Hospitality (1923)
как Joseph Canfield
Three Ages (1923)
как The Girl's Father
The Love Nest (1923)
как Captain of the Whaler
Day Dreams (1922)
как The Mayor
The Electric House (1922)
как Millionaire
The Frozen North (1922)
как The Driver
The Blacksmith (1922)
как Blacksmith
My Wife's Relations (1922)
как Brother
The Primitive Lover (1922)
как 'Roaring' Bill Rivers
Cops (1922)
как Police Chief / Chef de police
The Paleface (1922)
как The Indian Chief
The Play House (1921)
как Actor-Stage Manager (uncredited)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)
как Buzz Saw Brannigan (uncredited)
The Goat (1921)
как Police Chief
The High Sign (1921)
как Leader of Buzzards
Hard Luck (1921)
как Lizard Lip Luke
The Haunted House (1921)
как Bank Cashier
Neighbors (1920)
как Her Father (uncredited)
The Scarecrow (1920)
как Farmhand (uncredited)
Convict 13 (1920)
как Prisoner / Prisonnier
One Week (1920)
как Piano Mover (uncredited)

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