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Claud Allister

День рождения:
Место рождения:
London, England:


Walt Disney's Fables - Vol.6 (2004)
как Sir Giles (voice)
Screen Directors Playhouse: Meet the Governor (1955)
как Cyril - the Butler
The Black Shield Of Falworth (1954)
как Sir George
Hong Kong (1952)
как Hotel Manager
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949)
как Rat (voice)
The Wind in the Willows (1949)
как Rat
Quartet (1948)
как 1st. Club Man
Gaiety George (1946)
как Archie
Kiss the Bride Goodbye (1945)
как Adolphus Pickering
The Hundred Pound Window (1944)
как Hon. Freddie
Confirm or Deny (1941)
как William (scenes deleted)
Charley's Aunt (1941)
как Spectator
The Reluctant Dragon (1941)
как Sir Giles (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice)
The Reluctant Dragon (1941)
как Sir Giles
Pride and Prejudice (1940)
как Mr. Beck
Lillian Russell (1940)
как Arthur Sullivan
Captain Fury (1939)
как Suco
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938)
как Sir Basil Leghorne
Storm Over Bengal (1938)
как Redding
Blond Cheat (1938)
как Lord Basil Sheldon (Uncredited)
Men Are Such Fools (1938)
как Rudolf
Oh, What a Knight! (1937)
The Awful Truth (1937)
как Lord Fabian (uncredited)
Danger - Love at Work (1937)
как Gun salesman
Let's Make a Night of It (1937)
как Monty
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937)
как Algy Longworth
Lady Luck (1936)
как Briggs
Dracula's Daughter (1936)
как Sir Aubrey
Three Live Ghosts (1936)
как Lord 'Spoofy' Brockton (as Claude Allister)
The Dark Angel (1935)
как Lawrence Bidley
Every Night at Eight (1935)
как Mr. Vernon (uncredited)
The Lady Is Willing (1934)
как Brevin
The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934)
как Algy Longworth
Those Were the Days (1934)
как Capt. Horace Vale
The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)
как The Duke, as Dukes Go (as Claude Allister)
The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)
как Cornell
Sleeping Car (1933)
как Baron Delande
The Medicine Man (1933)
как Hon. Freddie Wiltshire
The Midshipmaid (1932)
как Chinley
The Return of Raffles (1932)
как Bunny
Diamond Cut Diamond (1932)
как Joe Fragson
Two White Arms (1932)
как Dr. Biggash
On the Loose (1931)
как Mr. Loder's friend
The Sea Ghost (1931)
как Percy Atwater
Platinum Blonde (1931)
как Dawson - the Valet
I Like Your Nerve (1931)
как Archie Lester
Meet the Wife (1931)
как Victor Staunton
Captain Applejack (1931)
как John Jason
Reaching for the Moon (1930)
как Sir Horace Partington Chelmsford
Monte Carlo (1930)
как Prince Otto von Liebenheim
The Florodora Girl (1930)
как Lord Rumblesham
The Czar of Broadway (1930)
Such Men Are Dangerous (1930)
как Fred Wyndham (as Claude Allister)
Slightly Scarlet (1930)
как Albert Hawkins
Charming Sinners (1929)
как Gregson
Bulldog Drummond (1929)
как Algy Longworth

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