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Ernie Alexander

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Wichita, Kansas, USA:


Walt Disney's Fables - Vol.6 (2004)
как Baby Weems' Father (voice)
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
как Delivery Man with Flowers
Trifles That Win Wars (1943)
как Billiard Ball Tester (uncredited)
All by Myself (1943)
как Photographer
Bataan (1943)
как Wounded Soldier
Who's Superstitious? (1943)
как Man Walking Under Ladder
Fingers at the Window (1942)
как Reporter
Joe Smith, American (1942)
как Aircraft Plant Worker (uncredited)
Brooklyn Orchid (1942)
как Taxi Driver
This Woman Is Mine (1941)
как Clerk
Golden Hoofs (1941)
как Harvey
Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940)
как Assistant Bed Salesman
Little Nellie Kelly (1940)
как Expectant Father
The Villain Still Pursued Her (1940)
как Drunk (uncredited)
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)
как Man at Railroad Station
Young People (1940)
как Young Fellow
The Golden Fleecing (1940)
как Clerk
We Who Are Young (1940)
как Expectant Father (uncredited)
Saps at Sea (1940)
как Newsboy
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940)
как Soldier
Judge Hardy and Son (1939)
как Court Clerk
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939)
как Factory Workman
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
как Bootleg Customer (uncredited)
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939)
как Taxicab Driver
Fast and Furious! (1939)
как Singer at Party
These Glamour Girls (1939)
как Parking Attendant (uncredited)
News Is Made at Night (1939)
как Drunk
Second Fiddle (1939)
как Photographer
Stronger Than Desire (1939)
как Reporter (uncredited)
Tell No Tales (1939)
как Johnny - Reporter
The Girl from Mexico (1939)
как Man Throwing Confetti
Mandrake the Magician (1939)
как Cabbie
Broadway Serenade (1939)
как Photographer (uncredited)
Sergeant Madden (1939)
как Reporter at Hospital
Submarine Patrol (1938)
как Warship Sailor
How to Watch Football (1938)
как Program vendor
Crashing Through Danger (1938)
как One of Carl's Friends
Hold That Kiss (1938)
как Mickey - Maurice's Chauffeur
Walking Down Broadway (1938)
как Drunk
Love Is a Headache (1938)
как Reporter Johnson (uncredited)
Double Wedding (1937)
как Drunk Singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning (1937)
как Office Worker
Topper (1937)
как Reporter (uncredited)
Anything for a Thrill (1937)
как Alphonse - Asst. Photographer
They Gave Him a Gun (1937)
как Admiring Soldier (uncredited)
Sinner Take All (1936)
как Garage Attendant
General Spanky (1936)
как Boat Passenger
Sworn Enemy (1936)
как Man Calling Hank to Phone
Sins of Man (1936)
как Bit Role
Fury (1936)
как Peanut Vendor (uncredited)
Speed (1936)
как Waiter Telling of Barn Dance
Here Comes Trouble (1936)
как Harry Goodfellow
An All American Toothache (1936)
как (uncredited)
Two in the Dark (1936)
как Hotel Messenger
Music Is Magic (1935)
как Drunk on Streetcar (uncredited)
3 Kids and a Queen (1935)
как Newsboy
O'Shaughnessy's Boy (1935)
как Acrobat
Page Miss Glory (1935)
как Bellhop with Telegram (uncredited)
Woman Wanted (1935)
как Steve - Man Bringing Newspapers
One New York Night (1935)
как Wise Guy
Forsaking All Others (1934)
как Telegram Messenger (Uncredited)
Chained (1934)
как Deck Steward with Food Cart
Three Chumps Ahead (1934)
как Pool Hall Patron (uncredited)
She Learned About Sailors (1934)
как Drunk
Soup and Fish (1934)
как Dog Hospital Intern (uncredited)
Sons of the Desert (1933)
как Waiter (uncredited)
Beauty and the Bus (1933)
как Theatre Patron Behind Patsy (uncredited)
The Stranger's Return (1933)
как Farmhand
The Fatal Glass of Beer (1933)
как Student Drinker (uncredited)
Today We Live (1933)
как Alexander, a Pilot (uncredited)
Too Many Highballs (1933)
как Hot Dog Vendor
Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife (1933)
как Room Service
The Soilers (1932)
как Maintenance Man with Ladder (uncredited)
Alum and Eve (1932)
как Intern (uncredited)
Ten Cents a Dance (1931)
как Elevator Operator
The Widow from Chicago (1930)
как Newsboy (uncredited)

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