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Rockliffe Fellowes

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:


Back Page (1934)
как John Levings
The Phantom Broadcast (1933)
как Joe Maestro
20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932)
как Friend Helping Tommy (uncredited)
Renegades of the West (1932)
как Curly Bogard
Huddle (1932)
как Mr. Stone
Ladies of the Big House (1931)
как Martin Doremus
Monkey Business (1931)
как J.J. 'Big Joe' Helton
The Vice Squad (1931)
как Detective-Sergeant Mather
Outside the Law (1930)
как Police Captain Fred O'Reilly
The Charlatan (1929)
как Richard Talbot
The Crystal Cup (1927)
как John Blake
The Satin Woman (1927)
The Understanding Heart (1927)
как Bob Mason
The Taxi Dancer (1927)
как Stephen Bates
The Third Degree (1926)
как Underwood
Syncopating Sue (1926)
как Arthur Bennett
Silence (1926)
как Phil Powers
The Road to Glory (1926)
как Del Cole
Rose of the World (1925)
Without Mercy (1925)
Déclassé (1925)
East of Suez (1925)
как Harry Anderson
Cornered (1924)
The Signal Tower (1924)
как Dave Tolliver
Boy of Mine (1923)
Penrod And Sam (1923)
Bits of Life (1921)
Pagan Love (1920)
Yes or No (1920)
как Jack Berry
In Search of a Sinner (1920)
The Web of Desire (1917)
как John Miller
The Regeneration (1915)
как Owen - Age Twenty-Five

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