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Henry Bergman

День рождения:
Место рождения:
San Francisco, California, USA:


La naissance de Charlot (2013)
как Head Waiter (archive footage)
Chaplin's Goliath (1996)
как Himself (archive footage)
The Chaplin Revue (1959)
как Various (archive footage)
The Charlie Chaplin Festival (1941)
как Various Roles (archive footage)
Modern Times (1936)
как Cafe proprietor
City Lights (1931)
как Mayor / Blind Girl's Downstairs Neighbor (uncredited)
Do It Now (1930)
The Circus (1928)
как An Old Clown
The Gold Rush (1925)
как Hank Curtis
Pay Day (1922)
как Drinking Companion
The Idle Class (1921)
как Sleeping Hobo / Guest in Cop Uniform
The Kid (1921)
как Professor Guido / Night Shelter Keeper (uncredited)
Sunnyside (1919)
как Villager and Edna's Father
The Professor (1919)
как Bearded man in flophouse
Shoulder Arms (1918)
как Fat Whiskered Soldier / The Kaiser's General / Bartender
100% American (1918)
как Man who steps on Mayme's foot
The Bond (1918)
как John Bull (British version)
A Dog's Life (1918)
как Fat Unemployed Man (uncredited)
The Adventurer (1917)
как Judge Brown - The Father / Docker
The Immigrant (1917)
как The Artist
The Cure (1917)
как Masseur
The Black Stork (1917)
как The Detective
Easy Street (1917)
как Kidnapper (uncredited)
The Rink (1916)
как Mrs. Stout
Behind the Screen (1916)
как Director of Historical Film
The Pawnshop (1916)
как The Pawnbroker
The Count (1916)
The Vagabond (1916)
как (uncredited)
The Floorwalker (1916)
как Old Man (uncredited)
Silk Hose and High Pressure (1915)
как Fat
The Right of Way (1915)
Love and Sour Notes (1915)
Almost a Scandal (1915)
A Change of Complexion (1914)
Modern Times
Assistant Director
City Lights
Assistant Director

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