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Sudie Bond

День рождения:


Johnny Dangerously (1984)
как Mary Margaret Catherine Dineen
Swing Shift (1984)
как Annie
Silkwood (1983)
как Thelma Rice
I Am The Cheese (1983)
как Edna
Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)
как Juanita
The Gold Bug (1980)
как Agnes
Sanctuary of Fear (1979)
Where the Lilies Bloom (1974)
как Miss Fleetie
Tomorrow (1972)
как Mrs. Hulie
They Might Be Giants (1971)
как Maud
Love Story (1970)
как Woman buying Christmas tree
The Tiger Makes Out (1967)
как Miss Lane
Guns of the Trees (1961)
как Sudie

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