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Lloyd Bridges

День рождения:
Место рождения:
San Leandro, California, USA:


From Russia to Hollywood: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff (2002)
как Himself
Meeting Daddy (2000)
Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998)
как Vincenzo Cortino
The Deliverance of Elaine (1996)
как Addison Hodges
Sex, Censorship and the Silver Screen (1996)
Peter and the wolf (1995)
как Grandfather / Grand-père
The Other Woman (1995)
как Jacob
Sandkings (1995)
как Col. Kress
Blown Away (1994)
как Max O'Bannon
Secret Sins of the Father (1994)
как Louis Thielman
Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)
как President Thomas 'Tug' Benson
Mr. Bluesman (1993)
как Bronski
Earth and the American Dream (1992)
Devlin (1992)
как Bill Brennan
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)
как Clifford Sterling
The Making of High Noon (1992)
как Himself
In the Nick of Time (1991)
как Santa Claus
Hot Shots! (1991)
как Adm. Thomas 'Tug' Benson
The Great Indian Wars 1840-1890 (1991)
Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean (1990)
как Harry Helmsley
Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)
как Samuel Harvey Graynamore
Winter People (1989)
как William Wright
Cousins (1989)
как Vincent Kozinski
She Was Marked for Murder (1988)
как Justin Matthews
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)
как Senator Homer Ferguson (uncredited)
The Wild Pair (1987)
как Col. Heser
The Thanksgiving Promise (1986)
как Stewart Larson
Weekend Warriors (1986)
как Col. Archer
All-Star Party for Frank Sinatra (1983)
Grace Kelly (1983)
как Jack Kelly
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)
как Steven McCroskey
Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice (1982)
как Johnny O'Reilly
Airplane! (1980)
как McCroskey
This Year's Blonde (1980)
как Johnny Hyde
Bear Island (1979)
как Smithy
Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)
как Al Mitchell
The Fifth Musketeer (1979)
как Aramis
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1979)
как Commander Cain
The Great Wallendas (1978)
как Karl Wallenda
Telethon (1977)
как Matt Tallman
The Force of Evil (1977)
Stowaway to the Moon (1975)
как Charlie Englehardt
Death Race (1973)
как Ernst Beimler
Running Wild (1973)
как Jeff Methune
Crime Club (1973)
как Paul Cord
Trouble Comes to Town (1973)
как Sheriff Porter Murdock
Haunts of the Very Rich (1972)
как Dave Woodrough
To Find a Man (1972)
как Frank McCarthy
The Deadly Dream (1971)
как Dr. Jim Hanley
A Tattered Web (1971)
как Sgt. Ed Stagg
Do You Take This Stranger? (1971)
как Steven Breck
Lost Flight (1970)
как Steve Bannerman
The Love War (1970)
как Kyle
The Happy Ending (1969)
как Sam
The Silent Gun (1969)
как Brad Clinton
Silent Night, Lonely Night (1969)
как John Sparrow
Attack on the Iron Coast (1968)
как Maj. James Wilson
Daring Game (1968)
как Vic Powers
Around the World Under the Sea (1966)
как Dr. Doug Standish
My Daddy Can Lick Your Daddy (1963)
как Himself - Host / Pappy Devlin
The Goddess (1958)
как Dutch Seymour
Ride Out for Revenge (1957)
как Captain George
Clash By Night (1957)
как Earl Pfeiffer
The Rainmaker (1956)
как Noah Curry
Wetbacks (1956)
как Jim Benson
Tragedy in a Temporary Town (1956)
как Alec Beggs
Apache Woman (1955)
как Rex Moffet
Wichita (1955)
как Gyp Clements
Third Party Risk (1954)
как Philip Graham
Pride of the Blue Grass (1954)
как Jim
The Limping Man (1953)
как Frank Prior
City of Bad Men (1953)
как Gar Stanton
The Kid from Left Field (1953)
как Pete Haines
Last of the Comanches (1953)
как Jim Starbuck
The Tall Texan (1953)
как Ben Trask
Plymouth Adventure (1952)
как Coppin
High Noon (1952)
как Deputy Marshal Harvey Pell
The Whistle at Eaton Falls (1951)
как Brad Adams
Three Steps North (1951)
как Frank Keeler
Little Big Horn (1951)
как Capt. Phillip Donlin
The Sound of Fury (1950)
как Jerry Slocum
Colt .45 (1950)
как Paul Donovan
The White Tower (1950)
как Hein
Rocketship X-M (1950)
как Colonel Floyd Graham
Trapped (1949)
как Tris Stewart
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass (1949)
как Joel Collins
Home of the Brave (1949)
как Finch
Mr. Whitney Had a Notion (1949)
как Eli Whitney
Red Canyon (1949)
как Virgil Cordts
Hideout (1949)
как George Browning
Breakdowns of 1949 (1949)
как Himself
Moonrise (1948)
как Jerry Sykes
16 Fathoms Deep (1948)
как Ray Douglas
Secret Service Investigator (1948)
как Steve Mallory / Dan Redfern
Unconquered (1947)
как Lieut. Hutchins
Thunderbolt (1947)
как Pilot (voice)
The Trouble with Women (1947)
как Avery Wilson
Ramrod (1947)
как Red Cates
Canyon Passage (1946)
как Johnny Steele
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946)
как Silas Holmes
Abilene Town (1946)
как Henry Deiser
A Walk in the Sun (1945)
как Sgt. Ward
Strange Confession (1945)
как Dave Curtis
Secret Agent X-9 (1945)
как Phil Corrigan (Secret Agent X-9)
Saddle Leather Law (1944)
как Paul Edwards
The Master Race (1944)
как Frank
Louisiana Hayride (1944)
как Montague Price
Once Upon a Time (1944)
как Pilot
She's a Soldier Too (1944)
как Charles Jones
The Crime Doctor’s Strangest Case (1943)
как Jimmy Trotter
The Heat's On (1943)
как Andy Walker
Sahara (1943)
как Fred Clarkson
Hail to the Rangers (1943)
как Dave Kerlin
Destroyer (1943)
как 2nd Fireman (uncredited)
Passport to Suez (1943)
как Fritz
One Dangerous Night (1943)
как Airline Gate Attendant (uncredited)
City Without Men (1943)
как Coast Guard Helmsman (uncredited)
Pardon My Gun (1942)
как Henchman (uncredited)
The Daring Young Man (1942)
как Hans Muller
A Man's World (1942)
как Brown
Counter-Espionage (1942)
как Waiter/Spy
The Talk of the Town (1942)
как Donald Forrester (uncredited)
Flight Lieutenant (1942)
как Cadet William "Bill" Robinson
Atlantic Convoy (1942)
как Bert
Riders of the Northland (1942)
как Alex
The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942)
как German Sergeant
Alias Boston Blackie (1942)
как Bus Driver
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! (1942)
как Guard
North of the Rockies (1942)
как Constable McDowell
Shut My Big Mouth (1942)
как Skinny
Blondie Goes to College (1942)
как Ben Dixon
Harvard Here I Come (1941)
как Larry
Honolulu Lu (1941)
как Desk Clerk
The Royal Mounted Patrol (1941)
как Hap Andrews
Three Girls About Town (1941)
как Reporter
You Belong to Me (1941)
как Ski Patrol
Two Latins from Manhattan (1941)
как Tommy Curtis
Harmon of Michigan (1941)
как Ozzie
Our Wife (1941)
как Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)
как Sloan - Co-pilot of Plane #22 (uncredited)
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island (1941)
как Rene
The Son of Davy Crockett (1941)
как Sammy
They Dare Not Love (1941)
как Blonde Officer
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (1941)
как Johnny Baker
Northwest Passage (1940)
как Uniformed Soldier / Officer
Dancing Feet (1936)
как Young Man
Freshman Love (1936)
как College Boy

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