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Helen Twelvetrees

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Brooklyn, NY:


Complicated Women (2003)
как Herself (archive footage)
Hollywood Without Make-Up (1963)
Unmarried (1939)
как Pat Rogers
Persons in Hiding (1939)
как Helen Griswold
Hollywood Round-Up (1937)
как Carol Stevens
Thoroughbred (1936)
как Joan
Frisco Waterfront (1935)
как Alice
The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935)
как Stella Godfrey
She Gets Her Man (1935)
как Francine
Times Square Lady (1935)
как Margo Heath
One Hour Late (1934)
как Bessie Dunn
Now I'll Tell (1934)
как Virginia Golden
All Men Are Enemies (1934)
Hollywood on Parade No. B-1 (1934)
King for a Night (1933)
как Lillian Williams
My Woman (1933)
как Connie Rollins
Disgraced! (1933)
как Gay Holloway
A Bedtime Story (1933)
как Sally
Boo (1932)
как Annabelle West (edited from "The Cat Creeps")
Unashamed (1932)
как Joan Ogden
Is My Face Red? (1932)
как Peggy Bannon
State's Attorney (1932)
как June Perry
Young Bride (1932)
как Allie Smith Riggs
Panama Flo (1932)
как Flo Bennett
Bad Company (1931)
как Helen King Carlyle
A Woman of Experience (1931)
как Elsa Elsbergen
The Painted Desert (1931)
как Mary Ellen Cameron
Millie (1931)
как Millie Blake Maitland
The Cat Creeps (1930)
как Annabelle West
Swing High (1930)
как Maryan
The Grand Parade (1930)
как Molly
Her Man (1930)
как Frankie Keefe
Words and Music (1929)
как Dorothy Blake
Blue Skies (1929)
как Dorothy May (episode 2)
The Ghost Talks (1929)
как Miriam Holt

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