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George E. Stone

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Lódz, Poland, Russian Empire [now Lódz, Lódzkie, Poland]:


Pocketful of Miracles (1961)
как Shimkey (uncredited)
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
как Proprietor (uncredited)
Alias Jesse James (1959)
как New York Bar Gibson Girl Fan (uncredited)
Some Like It Hot (1959)
как Toothpick Charlie
Some Came Running (1958)
как Slim (uncredited)
The Story of Mankind (1957)
как Waiter
The Tijuana Story (1957)
как Pino
Calypso Heat Wave (1957)
Sierra Stranger (1957)
как Barfly Dan
Jungle Hell (1956)
как Mr. Trosk
The Conqueror (1956)
как Sibilant Sam (uncredited)
Slightly Scarlet (1956)
как Roos (uncredited)
The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)
как Sam Markette
Guys and Dolls (1955)
как Society Max
The Steel Cage (1954)
как Solly, Convict Chef, segment "The Chef"
Woman's World (1954)
как Executive Reception Guest
The Miami Story (1954)
как Louie Mott
The Robe (1953)
как Gracchus (uncredited)
Pickup on South Street (1953)
как Willie, Police Desk Clerk
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952)
как Ropes McGonigle
A Girl in Every Port (1952)
как Skeezer
Dancing in the Dark (1949)
как Film Cutter
The Untamed Breed (1948)
как Pablo
Trapped by Boston Blackie (1948)
как The Runt
Daisy Kenyon (1947)
как Waiter (uncredited)
Abie's Irish Rose (1946)
как Isaac Cohen
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946)
как The Runt
Suspense (1946)
как Max
The Phantom Thief (1946)
как The Runt
Sentimental Journey (1946)
как Toy Hawker (uncredited)
Shock (1946)
как Cab Driver
A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946)
как The Runt
Doll Face (1945)
как Stage Manager
Midnight Manhunt (1945)
как Joe Wells
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945)
как The Runt
Scared Stiff (1945)
как Mink
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion (1945)
как The Runt
One Mysterious Night (1944)
как The Runt
My Buddy (1944)
как Pete
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944)
как "Ice Box" Hamilton
Timber Queen (1944)
как Squirrel
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943)
как The Runt
After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943)
как The Runt
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)
как The Runt
The Devil with Hitler (1942)
как Suki Yaki
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. (1942)
как Kingoro
Alias Boston Blackie (1942)
как The Runt
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (1942)
как Mousey
Lone Star Ranger (1942)
как Euchre
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)
как The Runt
Broadway Limited (1941)
как Lefty
Road Show (1941)
как Indian
The Face Behind the Mask (1941)
как Dinky
North West Mounted Police (1940)
как Johnny Pelang
Slightly Tempted (1940)
как Petey
Cherokee Strip (1940)
как Abe Gabbert
Island of Doomed Men (1940)
как Siggy
I Take This Woman (1940)
как Sid
The Night of Nights (1939)
как Sammy Kayn
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939)
как Benny
You Can't Get Away with Murder (1939)
как Toad
The Long Shot (1939)
как Danny Welch
Submarine Patrol (1938)
как Seaman Irving Goldfarb
You and Me (1938)
как Patsy
Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)
как Jerry Connors
Over The Wall (1938)
как Gyp Hatton
A Slight Case of Murder (1938)
как Kirk
The Adventurous Blonde (1937)
как Pete, a Reporter
Alcatraz Island (1937)
как 'Tough Tony' Burke
Back in Circulation (1937)
как Mac (as George Stone)
Don't Get Me Wrong (1937)
как Chuck
Breakdowns of 1936 (1936)
как Himself
King of Hockey (1936)
как Nick Torga
The Captain's Kid (1936)
как Steve
Polo Joe (1936)
как Loafer
Here Comes Carter (1936)
как Boots
Anthony Adverse (1936)
как Sancho
Back to Nature (1936)
как Mr. Sweeney
Jailbreak (1936)
как Weeper
Rhythm on the Range (1936)
как Shorty
Bullets or Ballots (1936)
как Wires Kagel
Boulder Dam (1936)
как Man Aiding Ann
Man Hunt (1936)
как Silk
Freshman Love (1936)
как E. Prendergast Biddle
Frisco Kid (1935)
как Solomon "Solly" Green
Moonlight on the Prairie (1935)
как Small Change
Make a Million (1935)
как Larkey
Public Hero Number 1 (1935)
как Butch
Hold 'Em Yale (1935)
как Bennie South Street
Million Dollar Baby (1934)
One Hour Late (1934)
как Benny
Secret of the Chateau (1934)
как Armand
Embarrassing Moments (1934)
как Louie
The Dragon Murder Case (1934)
как Ken Tatum
Viva Villa! (1934)
как Emilio Chavito
Frontier Marshal (1934)
как Abe Ruskin
He Couldn't Take It (1933)
как Sammy Kohn
King for a Night (1933)
как Hymie
Ladies Must Love (1933)
как Joey
Penthouse (1933)
как Tim Murtoch
Sing, Sinner, Sing (1933)
как Spats
The Big Brain (1933)
как Max Werner
The Wrecker (1933)
как Sam Shapiro
Emergency Call (1933)
как Sammie "Kid" Jacobs
Song of the Eagle (1933)
как Gus
42nd Street (1933)
как Andy Lee
Sailor Be Good (1933)
как Murphy
The Vampire Bat (1933)
как Kringen
File 113 (1933)
The Phantom of Crestwood (1932)
как The Cat
The Last Mile (1932)
как Joe Berg, Cell 1
The World and the Flesh (1932)
как Rutchkin
Taxi! (1932)
как Skeets
The Woman from Monte Carlo (1932)
как Le Duc
The Spider (1931)
как Dr. Blackstone
Five Star Final (1931)
как Ziggie Feinstein
The Stolen Jools (1931)
как Gangster
The Front Page (1931)
как Earl Williams
Cimarron (1931)
как Sol Levy
Little Caesar (1931)
как Otero
The Medicine Man (1930)
как Steve (as Georgie Stone)
Under a Texas Moon (1930)
как Pedro
Melody Lane (1929)
как Danny
The Girl in the Glass Cage (1929)
как Carlos
The Redeeming Sin (1929)
как A Sewer Rat
Weary River (1929)
как Blackie
Naughty Baby (1928)
как Tony Caponi
The Racket (1928)
как Joe Scarsi
State Street Sadie (1928)
как Slinky
Clothes Make the Woman (1928)
как Assistant Director
Walking Back (1928)
как Crook
San Francisco Nights (1928)
как Flash Hoxy
Tenderloin (1928)
как Sparrow
Turn Back the Hours (1928)
как Limey
7th Heaven (1927)
как Sewer Rat

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