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H.B. Warner

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London, England, UK:


James Stewart's Wonderful Life (1988)
как (archive footage)
The Ten Commandments (1956)
как Amminadab
Journey Into Light (1951)
как Wiz, the Wino
Here Comes the Groom (1951)
как Uncle Elihu
Savage Drums (1951)
как Maou
The First Legion (1951)
как Father José Sierra
Sunset Boulevard (1950)
как H.B. Warner
Hellfire (1949)
как Brother Joseph
El Paso (1949)
как Judge Fletcher
The Prince Of Thieves (1948)
как Gilbert Head
High Wall (1947)
как Mr. Slocum
The Judge Steps Out (1947)
как Chief Justice Hayes
Driftwood (1947)
как Rev. Hollingsworth
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
как Mr. Gower
Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946)
как Sen. McCarden
Strange Impersonation (1946)
как Dr. Mansfield, plastic surgeon
Rogues' Gallery (1944)
как Professor Reynolds
Faces in the Fog (1944)
как Defense Attorney Rankins
Enemy of Women (1944)
как Col. Eberhart Brandt
Action in Arabia (1944)
как Abdul El Rashid
Women in Bondage (1943)
как Pastor Renz
Hitler's Children (1943)
как The Bishop
The Boss of Big Town (1942)
как Jeffrey Moore
A Yank In Libya (1942)
как Herbert Forbes
Crossroads (1942)
как Prosecuting Attorney
The Corsican Brothers (1941)
как Dr. Enrico Paoli
South of Tahiti (1941)
как High Chief Kawalima
All That Money Can Buy (1941)
как Justice John Hawthorne
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (1941)
как Ray Jardin
City of Missing Girls (1941)
как Capt. McVeigh
Topper Returns (1941)
как Mr. Carrington
New Moon (1940)
как Father Michel
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
как Senate Majority Leader
The Rains Came (1939)
как Maharajah
Nurse Edith Cavell (1939)
как Hugh Gibson
Bulldog Drummond's Bride (1939)
как Colonel Nielson
The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939)
как Richard Lawrence
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939)
как Colonel Nielson
Let Freedom Ring (1939)
как Rutledge
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938)
как Colonel Nielsen
You Can't Take It with You (1938)
как Mr. Ramsey
Army Girl (1938)
как Col. Armstrong
Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938)
как Colonel J. A. Nielsen
The Toy Wife (1938)
как Victor Brigard
Kidnapped (1938)
как Angus Rankeiller
The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)
как Chen Tsu
The Girl of the Golden West (1938)
как Father Sienna
Our Fighting Navy (1937)
как British Consul Brent
Victoria the Great (1937)
как Lord Melbourne
Lost Horizon (1937)
как Chang
Along Came Love (1936)
как Dr. Martin
Blackmailer (1936)
как Michael Rankin
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
как Judge May
Moonlight Murder (1936)
как Godfrey Chiltern
The Garden Murder Case (1936)
как Major Fenwicke-Ralston
Rose of the Rancho (1936)
как Don Pasqual Castro
Born to Gamble (1935)
как Carter Mathews
Night Alarm (1934)
как Henry B. Smith
Behold My Wife! (1934)
как Hubert Carter
In Old Santa Fe (1934)
как Charlie Miller
Grand Canary (1934)
как Dr Ismay
Viva Villa! (1934)
как Man
Sorrell and Son (1934)
как Captain Stephen Sorrell
Jennie Gerhardt (1933)
как William Gerhardt
Supernatural (1933)
как Dr. Carl Houston
The Son-Daughter (1932)
как Sin Kai
The Phantom of Crestwood (1932)
как Priam Andes
The Crusader (1932)
как Phillip Brandon
Tom Brown of Culver (1932)
как Dr. Brown
Unholy Love (1932)
как Dr. Daniel Gregory
Cross-Examination (1932)
как Gerald Waring
A Woman Commands (1932)
как Col. Stradimirovitsch
The Menace (1932)
как Inspector Tracy
Charlie Chan's Chance (1932)
как Inspector Fife
Expensive Women (1931)
как Melville Raymond
Five Star Final (1931)
как Michael Townsend
The Reckless Hour (1931)
как Walter Nichols
A Woman of Experience (1931)
как Hugh Schmidt
The Princess and the Plumber (1930)
как Prince Conrad of Daritzia
Liliom (1930)
как Chief Magistrate
On Your Back (1930)
как Raymond Pryor
Wild Company (1930)
как Henry Grayson
The Second Floor Mystery (1930)
как Inspector Bray
The Green Goddess (1930)
как Major Crespin
Show of Shows (1929)
как The Victim - Guillotine Sequence (uncredited)
The Gamblers (1929)
как James Darwin
The Trial Of Mary Dugan (1929)
как District Attorney Galway
The Divine Lady (1929)
как Sir William Hamilton
Stark Mad (1929)
Conquest (1928)
как James Farnham
Sorrell and Son (1927)
как Stephen Sorrell
The King of Kings (1927)
как Jesus, The Christ
Silence (1926)
как Jim Warren
The Man from Broadway (1924)
Zaza (1923)
как Bernard Dufresne
The Vagabond Prince (1916)
как Prince Tonio
The Beggar of Cawnpore (1916)
как Dr. Robert Lowndes
The Raiders (1916)
как Scott Wells
The Lost Paradise (1914)
как Reuben Warren

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