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Dorothy Adams

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Hannah, North Dakota, USA:


Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker (1991)
Virginia Hill (1974)
From the Terrace (1960)
как Mrs. Benziger
Unwed Mother (1958)
как Martha Pauley
The Big Country (1958)
как Hannassey Woman
Gunman's Walk (1958)
как Martha Stotheby
Fraction of a Second (1958)
как Grace Jackson
3:10 to Yuma (1957)
как Mrs. Potter (uncredited)
An Affair to Remember (1957)
как Mother at Rehearsal
The Buckskin Lady (1957)
как Mrs. Adams
Hot Rod Rumble (1957)
как Ma Crawford
The Ten Commandments (1956)
как Slave Woman / Hebrew at Golden Calf / Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
These Wilder Years (1956)
как Aunt Martha
Three for Jamie Dawn (1956)
как Helen March
Johnny Concho (1956)
как Sarah Dark
The Killing (1956)
как Mrs. Ruthie O'Reilly
The Broken Star (1956)
как Mrs. Trail
There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)
как Nurse (uncredited)
Carrie (1952)
как Mrs. Meeber - Carrie's Mother
The Winning Team (1952)
как Ma Alexander
Fort Osage (1952)
как Mrs. Winfield
The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)
как Sam's Wife (uncredited)
Home Town Story (1951)
как Hospital Nurse (uncredited)
The First Legion (1951)
как Mrs. Dunn
The Outriders (1950)
как Farmer's Wife
Samson and Delilah (1949)
как Screaming Temple Spectator (uncredited)
Not Wanted (1949)
как Mrs. Aggie Kelton
He Walked by Night (1949)
как Milk Customer
The Sainted Sisters (1948)
как Widow Davitt
The Foxes of Harrow (1947)
как Mrs. Sara Fox (uncredited)
That's My Man (1947)
как Millie
A Boy and His Dog (1946)
как Mrs. Allen
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
как Mrs. Cameron
Nocturne (1946)
как Angry Apartment House Tenant
The Inner Circle (1946)
как Emma Wilson
O.S.S. (1946)
как Claudette (uncredited)
Sentimental Journey (1946)
как Martha (uncredited)
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946)
как Mrs. Johnson
Fallen Angel (1945)
как Stella's downstairs neighbor (uncredited)
The Falcon in San Francisco (1945)
как Chambermaid (uncredited)
Captain Eddie (1945)
как Nurse
Phantoms, Inc. (1945)
как Dr. Trykel's Associate
Circumstantial Evidence (1945)
как Bolger's wife
Dark Shadows (1944)
как Mary Abbott (uncredited)
Laura (1944)
как Laura's Maid Bessie Clary (uncredited)
Since You Went Away (1944)
как Nurse (uncredited)
Bathing Beauty (1944)
как Ms. Hanney (uncredited)
So Proudly We Hail (1943)
как Irma
Lady Gangster (1942)
как Deaf Annie
Joe Smith, American (1942)
как Nurse (uncredited)
Bedtime Story (1941)
как Betsy
Whistling in the Dark (1941)
как Mrs. Farrell (uncredited)
Highway West (1941)
как Wife (uncredited)
The Shepherd of the Hills (1941)
как Elvy
The Flame of New Orleans (1941)
как Giraud's Cousin Sybil
Penny Serenade (1941)
как Mother in Stalled Car (uncredited)
Tobacco Road (1941)
как Susie Mae (uncredited)
The Devil Commands (1941)
как Mrs. Marcy
Untamed (1940)
как 3rd Nurse
Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940)
как Indigent Woman
Lucky Partners (1940)
как Maid at Ethel's
We Who Are Young (1940)
как Bellevue Hospital Nurse (uncredited)
Cross-Country Romance (1940)
как Emmy
Babies for Sale (1940)
как Mother in Dr. Gaines' Office
The Fight for Life (1940)
как The Young Woman
A Child Is Born (1939)
как Nurse (uncredited)
Disputed Passage (1939)
как Nurse
Ninotchka (1939)
как Swana's Maid Jacqueline
The Women (1939)
как Miss Atkinson
On Borrowed Time (1939)
как Florist (uncredited)
Bachelor Mother (1939)
как Secretary (uncredited)
Calling Dr. Kildare (1939)
как Jenny's Mother
Broadway Musketeers (1938)
как Anna, Judy's nurse
Crime Ring (1938)
как Second Fortune Teller
Condemned Women (1938)
как Nurse

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