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Thomas Mitchell

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA:


1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year (2009)
Melanie Remembers: Reflections by Olivia DeHavilland (2004)
как Himself
Melanie Remembers: Reflections by Olivia DeHavilland (2004)
как Himself-archive
James Stewart's Wonderful Life (1988)
как (archive footage)
Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (1983)
как Himself (archive footage)
Hollywood My Home Town (1965)
Pocketful of Miracles (1961)
как Judge Henry G. Blake
By Love Possessed (1961)
как Noah Tuttle
Too Young to Love (1960)
как Judge Bentley
The Right Man (1960)
как Grover Cleveland
Handle with Care (1958)
как Mayor Dick Williston
While the City Sleeps (1956)
как John Day Griffith (Sentinel managing editor)
The Miracle on 34th Street (1955)
как Kris Kringle
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1955)
как 'Pap' Finn
Destry (1954)
как Reginald T. 'Rags' Barnaby
Secret of the Incas (1954)
как Ed Morgan
The Backbone of America (1953)
как Fred Tupple
High Noon (1952)
как Mayor Jonas Henderson
Journey Into Light (1951)
как Gandy
The Big Wheel (1949)
как Arthur 'Red' Stanley
Alias Nick Beal (1949)
как Joseph Foster
Silver River (1948)
как John Plato Beck
The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947)
как Gill MacBean
High Barbaree (1947)
как Capt. Thad Vail
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
как Uncle Billy Bailey
The Dark Mirror (1946)
как Lt. Stevenson
Three Wise Fools (1946)
как Terence Alaysius O'Davern
The Outlaw (1946)
как Pat Garrett
Blow-Ups of 1946 (1946)
как Himself
Adventure (1945)
как Mudgin
Within These Walls (1945)
как Warden Michael Howland
Captain Eddie (1945)
как Ike Howard
The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)
как Willie Tulloch
Dark Waters (1944)
как Mr. Sydney
Wilson (1944)
как Joseph Tumulty
Buffalo Bill (1944)
как Ned Buntline
The Fighting Sullivans (1944)
как Mr. Thomas F. Sullivan
Flesh and Fantasy (1943)
как Septimus Podgers (segment 2)
Bataan (1943)
как Cpl. Jake Feingold
Immortal Sergeant (1943)
как Sergeant Kelly
The Black Swan (1942)
как Tommy Blue
Tales of Manhattan (1942)
как John Halloway
Moontide (1942)
как Tiny
This Above All (1942)
как "Monty" Montague
Song of the Islands (1942)
как Dennis O'Brien
Joan of Paris (1942)
как Father Antoine
Breakdowns of 1942 (1942)
как Himself (uncredited)
Out of the Fog (1941)
как Jonah Goodwin
Flight from Destiny (1941)
как Prof. Henry Todhunter
The Long Voyage Home (1940)
как Driscoll
Angels Over Broadway (1940)
как Gene Gibbons
Cavalcade of the Academy Awards (1940)
как Himself
Our Town (1940)
как Doc Gibbs
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940)
как Peter Casey
Swiss Family Robinson (1940)
как William Robinson
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
как Clopin
Gone with the Wind (1939)
как Gerald O'Hara
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
как Diz Moore
Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
как Kid Dabb
Stagecoach (1939)
как Doc Josiah Boone
Trade Winds (1938)
как Commissioner Blackton
Love, Honor and Behave (1938)
как Dan Painter
The Hurricane (1937)
как Dr. Kersaint
Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)
как George Cooper
I Promise to Pay (1937)
как District Attorney J.E. Curtis
Lost Horizon (1937)
как Henry Barnard
When You're in Love (1937)
как Hank Miller
Man Of The People (1937)
как William J. Grady
Theodora Goes Wild (1936)
как Jed Waterbury
Adventure in Manhattan (1936)
как Mark Gibbs
Adventure in Manhattan (1936)
как Phil Bane
Craig's Wife (1936)
как Fergus Passmore
Casanova Brown
Theatre Play
Little Accident
Theatre Play
All of Me
Little Accident
Theatre Play

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