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Frank Mills

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA:


Inherit the Wind (1960)
как Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Rio Bravo (1959)
как Barfly (uncredited)
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
как Barfly (uncredited)
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)
как Counterman at Gym (uncredited)
Great Day in the Morning (1956)
как Barfly
I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955)
как Dock Worker
Duffy of San Quentin (1954)
как Convict
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)
как Lunch Counter Patron
Adam's Rib (1949)
как Juror (uncredited)
Reign of Terror (1949)
как Citizen (uncredited)
Father Was a Fullback (1949)
как Assistant Football Coach
Mr. Soft Touch (1949)
как Gambler (Uncredited)
Wake of the Red Witch (1948)
как Seaman
The Good Bad Egg (1947)
как Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Badman's Territory (1946)
как Townsman (uncredited)
A Hit with a Miss (1945)
как Spectator (uncredited)
The Lost Weekend (1945)
как Drunk in Alcoholic Ward (uncredited)
Captain Kidd (1945)
как Ship's Sailor Waiter (uncredited)
Between Two Women (1945)
как Stagehand (uncredited)
The Woman in the Window (1944)
как Charlie the Garage Helper (uncredited)
Mr. Lucky (1943)
как Slot Machine Workman
Action in the North Atlantic (1943)
как Seaman
Lost Canyon (1942)
как Wants a Match
American Empire (1942)
как Riverboat Crewman
Powder Town (1942)
как Beer Drinker at Bar (uncredited)
In Old California (1942)
как Loudmouthed Oaf
Heart of the Rio Grande (1942)
как Alice's Cabbie (uncredited)
Woman of the Year (1942)
как Mug
They Died with Their Boots On (1941)
как Barfly (uncredited)
Honky Tonk (1941)
как Man #2 Agreeing with Candy
Stick to Your Guns (1941)
как Long Ben's Bartender
Bad Men of Missouri (1941)
как Barfly
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941)
как Saloon Waiter
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (1941)
как Laborer in Manhole (uncredited)
Western Union (1941)
как Work Seeker
Kitty Foyle (1940)
как Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Santa Fe Trail (1940)
как Train Passenger (uncredited)
Michael Shayne: Private Detective (1940)
как Counterman
No, No, Nanette (1940)
как Taxi Driver
You'll Find Out (1940)
как Cabbie (uncredited)
Christmas in July (1940)
как Cabbie Listening to Radio (uncredited)
Brigham Young (1940)
как Man in Newspaper Office / Agitator
Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)
как Man Booing Judy (uncredited)
Lucky Partners (1940)
как Bus Driver
Millionaires in Prison (1940)
как Convict Chef Dominick
Tom Brown's School Days (1940)
как School Porter
Curtain Call (1940)
как Stagehand
Virginia City (1940)
как Prisoner at Libby Prison
Primrose Path (1940)
как Taxi Driver
The Shadow (1940)
как Henchman
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
как Beggar (uncredited)
The Day the Bookies Wept (1939)
как Racetrack Betting Teller
Golden Boy (1939)
как Fight Spectator Rapidly Chewing Gum
In Name Only (1939)
как Bartender
Five Came Back (1939)
как Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Mandrake the Magician (1939)
как Gas Station Hitman
Union Pacific (1939)
как Irishman (uncredited)
Fixer Dugan (1939)
как Truck Driver
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939)
как Frank (uncredited)
Pacific Liner (1939)
как Crew Member
You Can't Take It with You (1938)
как Trustee (uncredited)
Men with Wings (1938)
как Mechanic
Wells Fargo (1937)
как Minor Role
The Life of the Party (1937)
как Waiter
Public Wedding (1937)
как Reporter in Police Captain's Office
She Had to Eat (1937)
как Gangster (uncredited)
You Can't Buy Luck (1937)
как DeJarno
Midnight Taxi (1937)
как Gas Station Attendant
The Man Who Found Himself (1937)
как Mechanic
Sailor Maid (1937)
You Only Live Once (1937)
Without Orders (1936)
как Radio Reporter
Parole! (1936)
как Dummy Watts
Fury (1936)
как Dawson's Friend (uncredited)
Devil's Squadron (1936)
как Cab Driver
You May Be Next (1936)
как Headwaiter (uncredited)
Foolish Hearts (1935)
как Al, the Bartender
We're Only Human (1935)
как Berger's Second Messenger
Three Little Beers (1935)
как Golfer
Music Is Magic (1935)
как Joe - Stagehand (uncredited)
His Family Tree (1935)
как Frank - Mayor's Henchman-Kidnapper
Hot Tip (1935)
как Racetrack Gambler
The Daring Young Man (1935)
как Taxicab Driver
Carnival (1935)
как Barker
Gridiron Flash (1934)
как Convict Football Player
The Defense Rests (1934)
как Henchman
Cockeyed Cavaliers (1934)
как Bell Ringer
Hoopla (1933)
как Barker
The Girl in 419 (1933)
как Henchman in Car
Sailor's Luck (1933)
как Target Shooting Booth Attendant
Men Of America (1932)
как Louie
Scarface (1932)
как Hood (uncredited)
Men of Chance (1931)
как Tony - One of Johnny's Bookies
Suicide Fleet (1931)
как Angry Townsman
High Stakes (1931)
как Barfly (uncredited)
Three Who Loved (1931)
как Phil's Convict Cellmate
Everything’s Rosie (1931)
как Dr. Powers' Friend
Danger Lights (1930)
как Hobo (uncredited)
Alias French Gertie (1930)
как Cabibe
Those Who Dance (1930)
как Hood
What a Life (1930)
как Complaining Prisoner at Show
Danger Street (1928)
как Bull
Chicago After Midnight (1928)
как Frank

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