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Stella Stevens

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Yazoo City, Mississippi, USA:


Megaconda (2010)
как Mary Jane
Western Legenden - Made in Hollywood (2009)
как Herself
Elvis: #1 Hit Performances (2007)
как Herself (archive footage)
Elvis: #1 Hit Performances & More (2007)
как Herself (archive footage)
Jerry Lewis - König der Komödianten (2006)
как Herself
Popstar (2005)
как Henrietta
Hell to Pay (2005)
как Mary Potter
Glass Trap (2005)
как Joan Highsmith
Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy of a Hollywood Renegade (2004)
как Herself
Blessed (2004)
как Betty
Cult Culture: The Poseidon Adventure (2003)
как Herself / Narrator
The Long Ride Home (2003)
как Fiona Champyon
The Christmas List (1997)
как Natalie Parris
The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! (1997)
как Josephine 'Mama Jo' Max
Bikini Hotel (1997)
как Gail Regent
Invisible Mom (1996)
как Mrs. Pringle
Subliminal Seduction (1996)
как Mrs. Beecham
Star Hunter (1996)
как Mrs. March
Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995)
как Fran Sibley
Virtual Combat (1995)
как Mary
The Granny (1995)
как Granny (Anastasia Gargoli)
Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women (1994)
как Lawanda
Molly and Gina (1994)
как Mrs. Sweeny
Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994)
как Frannie Sibley
Illicit Dreams (1994)
как Cicily
Hard Drive (1994)
как Susan
Little Devils: The Birth (1993)
как Clara Madison
South Beach (1993)
как Nancy
Eye of the Stranger (1993)
как Doc
Exiled in America (1992)
как Sonny Moore
The Nutt House (1992)
как Mrs. Robinson
Mom (1991)
как Beverly Hills
Last Call (1991)
как Betty
The Terror Within II (1991)
как Kara
Monster in the Closet (1986)
как Margo Crane
A Masterpiece of Murder (1986)
как Della Vance
The Longshot (1986)
как Nicki Dixon
The History of White People in America: Volume II (1986)
No Man's Land (1984)
как Nellie Wilder
Amazons (1984)
как Kathryn Lundquist
Women of San Quentin (1983)
как Lt. Janet Alexander
Chained Heat (1983)
как Captain Taylor
Wacko (1982)
как Mrs. Doctor Graves
Children of Divorce (1980)
как Sherry Malik
Friendships, Secrets and Lies (1979)
как Edyth
Express to Terror (1979)
как Lucy
The Jordan Chance (1978)
как Verna Stewart
The Manitou (1978)
как Amelia Crusoe
Cruise Into Terror (1978)
как Marilyn Magnesun
The Night They Took Miss Beautiful (1977)
как Kate Malloy
Murder in Peyton Place (1977)
как Stella Chernak
Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging (1977)
как Martha McVea
Mister Deathman (1977)
как Liz
Nickelodeon (1976)
как Margaret "Marty" Reeves
Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976)
как Lola Wilkins
Kiss Me, Kill Me (1976)
как Stella Stafford
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975)
как Bianca Jarin " The Dragon Lady "
Las Vegas Lady (1975)
как Lucky
The Day the Earth Moved (1974)
как Kate Barker
Arnold (1973)
как Karen
Linda (1973)
Climb an Angry Mountain (1972)
как Sheila Chilko
The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
как Linda Rogo
Slaughter (1972)
как Ann
Stand Up and Be Counted (1972)
как Yvonne Kellerman
A Town Called Bastard (1971)
как Alvira
In Broad Daylight (1971)
как Elizabeth Chappel
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)
как Hildy
The Mad Room (1969)
как Ellen Hardy
Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968)
как Sister George
Sol Madrid (1968)
как Stacey Woodward
How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life (1968)
как Carol Corman
El mal (1966)
The Silencers (1966)
как Gail Hendricks
The Secret of My Success (1965)
как Violet Lawson
Synanon (1965)
как Joaney Adamic
Advance to the Rear (1964)
как Martha Lou Williams
The Nutty Professor (1963)
как Stella Purdy
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)
как Dollye Daly
Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)
как Robin Gantner
Too Late Blues (1961)
как Jess Polanski
Man-Trap (1961)
как Nina Jameson
Li'l Abner (1959)
как Appassionata Von Climax
The Blue Angel (1959)
как Showgirl
Say One for Me (1959)
как Chorine

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