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Mildred Harris

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA:


Holiday Inn (1942)
как Maid (uncredited)
Movie Maniacs (1936)
как Leading Lady
Never Too Late (1935)
как Marie Lloyd Hartley
No, No, Nanette (1930)
как Betty
Side Street (1929)
как Bunny
The Power of the Press (1928)
как Marie Weston
Melody of Love (1928)
как Madelon
Sumuru (1927)
как Helen Graham
Husband Hunters (1927)
The Cruise of the Jasper B (1926)
как Agatha Fairhaven
Mama Behave (1926)
как Lolita - Charles' Wife
The Fighting Cub (1925)
Beyond the Border (1925)
как Molly Smith
In Fast Company (1924)
как Barbara Belden
The Daring Years (1923)
как Susie LaMotte
Fool's Paradise (1921)
как Rosa Duchene
Forbidden (1919)
Home (1919)
When a Girl Loves (1919)
Borrowed Clothes (1918)
For Husbands Only (1918)
The Doctor and the Woman (1918)
The Price of a Good Time (1917)
The Cold Deck (1917)
как Alice Leigh
Golden Rule Kate (1917)
как Olive - Kate's sister
An Old Fashioned Young Man (1917)
A Love Sublime (1917)
как Eurydice
The Bad Boy (1917)
как Mary
The Americano (1916)
как Stenographer
The Matrimaniac (1916)
как (uncredited)
Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916)
как Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Hoodoo Ann (1916)
как Goldie
Enoch Arden (1915)
как A Child
His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz (1914)
как Button Bright
The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914)
как Dorothy
The Magic Cloak of Oz (1914)
как Fluff of the Golden Hair
Granddad (1913)
как Mildred
The Drummer of the 8th (1913)
как Mildred Brown
The Triumph of Right (1912)
как Mary Dexter - the Little Daughter
The Post Telegrapher (1912)

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