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David Farrar

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Forest Gate, London, England:


The 300 Spartans (1962)
как Xerxes
The Webster Boy (1962)
как Paul Webster
Beat Girl (1960)
как Paul Linden
Solomon and Sheba (1959)
как Pharaoh
John Paul Jones (1959)
как John Wilkes
Watusi (1959)
как Rick Cobb
The Son of Robin Hood (1958)
как Des Roches
I Accuse! (1958)
как Mathieu Dreyfus
Woman and the Hunter (1957)
как David Kirby
The Battle of the River Plate (1956)
как Narrator
Lost (1956)
как Det. Insp. Craig
Pearl of the South Pacific (1955)
как Bully Hague
The Sea Chase (1955)
как Commander Jeff Napier
Escape to Burma (1955)
как The Sawbwa
Lilacs in the Spring (1954)
как Charles King
The Black Shield Of Falworth (1954)
как Gilbert Blunt, Earl of Alban
Duel in the Jungle (1954)
как Perry Henderson / Arthur Henderson
The Wild Heart (1952)
как Jack Reddin
The Golden Horde (1951)
как Sir Guy of Devon
Night Without Stars (1951)
как Giles Gordon
The Late Edwina Black (1951)
как Gregory Black
Gone to Earth (1950)
как John Reddin
Cage of Gold (1950)
как Bill Glennan
Diamond City (1949)
как Stafford Parker
The Small Back Room (1949)
как Sammy Rice
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill (1948)
как David Traill
Frieda (1947)
как Robert Dawson
Black Narcissus (1947)
как Mr. Dean
Lisbon Story (1946)
как David Warren
The Trojan Brothers (1946)
как Sid Nichols
The Echo Murders (1945)
как Sexton Blake
Meet Sexton Blake (1945)
как Sexton Blake
The World Owes Me a Living (1945)
как Paul Collyer
For Those in Peril (1944)
как Murray
The Hundred Pound Window (1944)
как George Graham
The Night Invader (1943)
как Dick Marlow
Headline (1943)
как 'Brookie ' Brooks
The Dark Tower (1943)
как Tom Danton
They Met in the Dark (1943)
как Commander Lippinscott
Went the Day Well? (1942)
как Lieutenant Jung
Suspected Person (1942)
как Inspector Thompson
Sheepdog of the Hills (1941)
как Reverend Michael Varney
Danny Boy (1941)
как Martin
Q Planes (1939)
как Viking Bo'sun
Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (1938)
как Granite Grant
Return of a Stranger (1937)
как Dr. Young

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