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Charles Victor

День рождения:


The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)
как Theatre Manager
There's Always a Thursday (1957)
как George Potter
Tiger in the Smoke (1956)
как Will
Now and Forever (1956)
как Farmer Gilbert
Home and Away (1956)
как Ted Groves
Eyewitness (1956)
как Police Desk Sergeant
Charley Moon (1956)
как Miller Moon
The Extra Day (1956)
как Bert
Dial 999 (1955)
как Tom Smithers
Police Dog (1955)
как Sergeant
The Embezzler (1954)
как Henry Paulson
For Better, for Worse (1954)
как Fred
Dragon's Gold (1954)
как Howard Montgomery
The Love Lottery (1954)
как Jennings
The Saint's Return (1953)
как Chief Insp. Claud Teal
The Steel Lady (1953)
как Sanderson's Radio Man
Run for the Hills (1953)
как Craig
Port Sinister (1953)
как Lieutenant
Street Corner (1953)
как F.W. Muller
Appointment in London (1953)
как Dobbie, the Innkeeper
Those People Next Door (1953)
как Joe Higgins
The Girl on the Pier (1953)
как Inspector Chubb
The Ringer (1952)
как Inspector Wembury
Made in Heaven (1952)
как Mr. Topham
The Frightened Man (1952)
как Mr. Rosselli
Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951)
как Inspector McIver
Encore (1951)
как Mr. Bateman
The Magic Box (1951)
как Industry Man
The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)
как Attorney
The Woman in Question (1950)
как Albert Pollard
Waterfront Women (1950)
как Bill
Motor Patrol (1950)
как Russ Garver
The Cure for Love (1949)
как Henry Lancaster
Landfall (1949)
как Mona's Father
Vote for Huggett (1949)
как Mr. Hall
Broken Journey (1948)
как Harry Gunn
Variety Girl (1947)
как Mr. O'Connell's assistant
Fear in the Night (1947)
как Captain Warner
While the Sun Shines (1947)
Green Fingers (1947)
как Joe Mansel
The Magic Bow (1946)
Gaiety George (1946)
как Danny Collier
Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)
как 1st Porter
The Rake's Progress (1945)
как Old Sweat
Hollywood Victory Caravan (1945)
как Himself
I Live in Grosvenor Square (1945)
как Taxi Driver
The Way to the Stars (1945)
как Corporal Fitter
The Man from Morocco (1945)
как Bourdille
It Happened One Sunday (1944)
как Frisco Kid
Soldier, Sailor (1944)
как Tachy
My Learned Friend (1943)
как 'Safety' Wilson
Escape to Danger (1943)
как Petty Officer Flanagan
They Met in the Dark (1943)
как Pub Owner
The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943)
как Bittle
The Peterville Diamond (1943)
как Dan
The Lady from Lisbon (1942)
как Knoller
They Flew Alone (1942)
как Postmaster
The Foreman Went to France (1942)
как Aircraft Spotter
The Next of Kin (1942)
как Neutral Seaman - Irish Joe
Partners in Crime (1942)
как Burglar
The Missing Million (1942)
как Nobb Knowles
49th Parallel (1941)
как Andreas
Ships with Wings (1941)
как MacDermott
Atlantic Ferry (1941)
как Tim Grogan
This England (1941)
как Josiah Much
East of Piccadilly (1941)
как Editor
Major Barbara (1941)
как Bilton
Old Mother Riley in Business (1941)
Old Mother Riley in Society (1940)
как Sir John Morgan
Contraband (1940)
как Hendrick
Laugh It Off (1940)
как Colonel
Laugh It Off (1940)
как General
Hell's Cargo (1939)
как Mr. Martin
Where's That Fire (1939)
как Garage Owner

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