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Emily Fitzroy

День рождения:
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London, England, UK:


The White Cliffs of Dover (1944)
как Spinster in Boardinghouse
Forever and a Day (1943)
как Ms. Fulcher
The Flame of New Orleans (1941)
как Giraud's Cousin Amelia
Vigil in the Night (1940)
как Sister Gilson
The Frontiersmen (1938)
как Snooksie
Nothing Sacred (1937)
как Guest at Banquet (uncredited)
The Bold Caballero (1936)
как Lady Isabella's chaperone
Border Flight (1936)
как Old Maid
She Couldn't Take It (1935)
как Party Guest
China Seas (1935)
как Mrs. Higgins (uncredited)
The Captain Hates the Sea (1934)
как Mrs. Victoria Griswold
Two Heads on a Pillow (1934)
как Mrs. Van Suydam
The Man with Two Faces (1934)
как Hattie
Dick Turpin (1933)
как Undetermined Role
Her Imaginary Lover (1933)
как Aunt Lydia Raleigh
Don Quixote (1933)
как Sancho Panza's wife
Lucky Ladies (1932)
как Cleo Honeycutt
Detective Lloyd (1932)
как The Manor Ghost
Aren't We All? (1932)
как Angela
High Society (1932)
как Mrs. Strangeways
Misbehaving Ladies (1931)
как Meta Oliver
It's a Wise Child (1931)
как Jane Appleby
Unfaithful (1931)
как Auntie Janie
New Moon (1930)
как Countess Anastasia Strogoff
She's My Weakness (1930)
как Mrs. Oberlander
The Flirting Widow (1930)
как Aunt Ida
Show Boat (1929)
как Parthenia Ann Hawks
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929)
как Marquesa
The Case of Lena Smith (1929)
The Trail of '98 (1928)
как Mrs. Bulkey
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1928)
как Lady Beekman
Love (1928)
как Grand Duchess
Once and Forever (1927)
как Katherine
Love Me and the World Is Mine (1927)
как The Porter's Wife
Foreign Devils (1927)
как Mrs. Conger
Mockery (1927)
как Mrs. Gaidaroff
Married Alive (1927)
как Mrs. Maggs Duxbury
The Sea Tiger (1927)
как Mrs. Enos
One Increasing Purpose (1927)
The Cheerful Fraud (1926)
как Mrs. Bytheway
Bardelys the Magnificent (1926)
как Vicomtesse de Lavedan
Marriage License? (1926)
как Lady Heriot
Don Juan (1926)
как The Dowager (uncredited)
The Bat (1926)
как Cornelia Van Gorder
What Happened to Jones (1926)
как Mrs. Goodly
The Red Kimona (1925)
как The Housekeeper
Lazybones (1925)
как Mrs. Fanning
Bobbed Hair (1925)
как Aunt Celimena Moore
Zander the Great (1925)
как The Matron
The Lady (1925)
как Madame Blanche
Learning to Love (1925)
как Aunt Virginia
Her Night of Romance (1924)
как Nurse
His Hour (1924)
The Red Lily (1924)
как Mama Bouchard
The Man Who Came Back (1924)
Secrets (1924)
как Mrs. Marlowe
The Purple Highway (1923)
как Mrs. Carney
Driven (1923)
как Mrs. Tolliver
Fascination (1922)
как The Marquesa de Lisa (her aunt)
Wife Against Wife (1921)
Straight Is the Way (1921)
как Mrs. Crabtree
The Frisky Mrs. Johnson (1920)
как Mrs. Chardley
Way Down East (1920)
как Maria Poole - Landlady
A Broadway Saint (1919)
как Martha Galt
East Lynne (1916)
как Cornelia

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