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Jack Pickford

День рождения:
Место рождения:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada:


Exit Smiling (1926)
как Jimmy Marsh
Brown of Harvard (1926)
как Jim Doolittle
The Bat (1926)
как Brooks Bailey
The Goose Woman (1925)
как Gerald Holmes
My Son (1925)
как Tony
The End of the World (1925)
Waking Up the Town (1925)
как Jack Joyce
The Hillbilly (1924)
как Jed
The Man Who Had Everything (1920)
как Harry Bullway
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1920)
как Chad
In Wrong (1919)
как Johnny Spivins
Burglar by Proxy (1919)
как Jack Robin
Bill Apperson's Boy (1919)
Tom Sawyer (1917)
The Girl at Home (1917)
Seventeen (1916)
как William Sylvanus Baxter
Poor Little Peppina (1916)
как Beppo
A Girl of Yesterday (1915)
как John Stuart
Fanchon, the Cricket (1915)
David Harum (1915)
как Stable boy
The Eagle's Mate (1914)
как A Young Clansman
Home, Sweet Home (1914)
как The Mother's Half-Wit Son
Home, Sweet Home (1914)
как The Mother's Son
Liberty Belles (1914)
как Jack Everleigh
The Unwelcome Guest (1913)
как One of the Children
The New York Hat (1912)
The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912)
как Rival Gang Member / At Dance
The Painted Lady (1912)
как Beau at Ice Cream Festival
A Feud in the Kentucky Hills (1912)
как A Brother
A Pueblo Legend (1912)
как The Young Brave
Mr. Grouch at the Seashore (1912)
как The Frenchman's Son
The Inner Circle (1912)
как The Messenger
What the Doctor Ordered (1912)
как Jenks' Son
The Narrow Road (1912)
The Speed Demon (1912)
A Dash Through the Clouds (1912)
как Mexican Boy
Katchem Kate (1912)
как Money Thief at School
A Temporary Truce (1912)
как An Indian (uncredited)
As a Boy Dreams (1911)
For Her Brother's Sake (1911)
Sweet Memories (1911)
как Young Earl Jackson
The Lesson (1910)
Waiter No. 5 (1910)
как The Chief of Police's Son (as a boy)
Rose o' Salem Town (1910)
The Oath and the Man (1910)
как The Messenger
The Modern Prodigal (1910)
Ramona (1910)
как A Boy
The Kid (1910)
как Walter Holden's Son
Pranks (1909)
как One of the Boys

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